All About A

So I guess I’m going to start making a page just about me and my pretty little life. You might call it a narcissistic feature of my blog. Here it goes…

My name is Adista Christy Tobing. I am Indonesian, a mix culture of bataknese and javanese. I was born in Jakarta, January 8th 1990 and that makes me a pure capricorn. Ask everyone I know, and they will be happy to say yes. I went to Tirta Marta School from kindergarten up until junior high, and suddenly my dad decided to place me in a jungle, and made me have to attend Pelita Harapan International School in Sentul for high school. It was great though, I had to put extra effort to skip school ever since.

And then I went to Monash University, taking Bachelor of Communication specializing in Public Relations. It’s a double major and I’m expected to graduate by the end of this year. Enough for my education. I’m sick of it.


I decided to finish my Masters degree while I still can (and while my father still wants to pay for it, I mean). Now I have graduated with a double degree in MSc International Marketing Strategy & MA International Marketing Communication. Now that I’m working, I actually missed being in school, and how I long to go back just for couple more years. :p

Okay. I have the most beautiful and the most awesome parents ever. My dad, Rudy Baradasory Hamonangan Lumban Tobing and my mom, Mieke Mirawaty Soetrisno boru Hutabarat. I love them, so much. My dad worked as a businessman, in the oil industry, and my mom is pretty much a very occupied housewife. Yes, that includes going to hairdresser every 3 days and so on. Everyone says I look so much like my dad. Like twins. But I want to be as pretty as mom, I thought she was a model when she was 17. They married young, like really young, when they were 20. I have three big brothers. The first one is Christian Reza Partahi Lumban Tobing. He’s married with 3 adorable but annoying kids. Sorry to say, but I still love them no matter what. The second one is Flints Adetyano Lumban Tobing, now remarried and is expecting a child soon! He’s however had a son with his ex-wife. Nuff said. And the last one is Arnold Ruminto Habonaran Lumban Tobing. He’s very very protective and really annoying. He was jealous when I was born because he has been the youngest kid for 10 years and now the attention is all on me. Ha! He’s married with two beautiful daughters and still wanting a son. God bless him.

All my life, I’ve been through a lot, yes, a lot of ups and downs in my love life. They say ‘ ce qui ne me tue pas, me rend plus fort ‘. And its true. I am now happily in a relationship with the most attractive and annoying man ever. His name is Farry Abimael Argoebie. I’m too much in love with him!

The stories would be very very long if I keep on writing. My life is beautiful, and I am grateful for what I have. I have the most wonderful parents and family who’s always supporting me so that I can enjoy my life here, now, in France. I am hoping to be back home soon, though. So keep yourself posted. The posts from 2013 will be less ranting and more information about my passion for fashion, food and travelling. Promise!


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