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Beauty Favorites: Skinfood White Grape Fresh Foundation

So I had a major breakout about a year ago. My skin was totally ruined and I was left with scars and dark pigmentation on my skin due to the continuous breakout. Didn’t realize that my skin was so sensitive to breakout it turns darker just days after an acne occurred. 

I spend too much time and of course, money to find the perfect day-to-day foundation, that is not heavily packed with chemicals, and mild to my full of acne skin. Until I found ‘the one’.

This is ‘the one’. Skinfood’s white grape fresh foundation. I’m using number 23, because I am obviously not white but yellowish skin tone. This foundation provides a medium to high coverage, good enough to cover my acne scars and blackhead. Totally buildable, and it feels like it is absorbed by the skin quite easily. Also, it stays well for quite a long time. I usually put on my make up around 9am and go for work, and it would stay for more than 12 hours. 

It smells so good, a plus point obviously, because I am so used to the smell of my MAC foundation, which I think smells so chemical. It has the fresh smell of grapes. 

Maybe next time I’ll be good enough to you to provide some before after picture so that you really know what I’m blabbering about. 

Oh, one more thing, I always use the stippling brush when applying foundation. I think the airbrush effect is quite a turn-on for me, once I found this brush, I completely forgot to use any other brush or sponges. This brush works well with any liquid foundation and good for acne skin too. 

Overall, I’d give this foundation a score of 4/5, just because I think they could work more on the packaging. The bottle is great with the pump, however the color of the bottle makes it hard for me to see how much foundation left inside. So, I usually prefer clear transparent bottle. But still, this is perfectly a go-to foundation for me! Also, it’s much much cheaper than MAC! 

Okay guys, that’s all for today, I’ll see you next time! 


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