Beauty Favorite: Dior & Givenchy

Okay, where do we start?

I was having this problem with my skin recently, due to shitty weather here in France, longer winter and practically no sun, my skin dries up to the extent that it started to peel off. It was disgusting, really. I never had this kind of skin condition that requires me to buy a set of highly intensified moisturizer and exfoliator. So, I went to Sephora and talked to one of their sales assistant. They recommended me to use Dior HydraLife Masque Hydratante Réveile Beauté. Basically because I was desperate, I bought also its HydraLife Confort Créme for moisturizer and Gommage Tendre for exfoliator.





After a couple of days using it, I felt the difference really. Probably because this is Dior we’re talking about not just a cheap-bargain you found on a convenient store. But really, it really gives my skin the renovation it needed. However, for the mask itself, I think they have been naming it wrong – in my opinion. The mask does not peel off after use or neither it gets dry and hard. It’s more like a cream or probably because my skin was too dry, it eats up the cream almost instantly before 10 mins (recommended use). I couldn’t even massage the left over cream on my face. It was gone. But really nothing to complaint about. I end up cleaning it off using a damp warm towel and now I can’t take my hands off my face. It really is soft and makes my skin so dewy. And chewy.

Well. Next up. New foundation.

Did I ever tell you what is the similarity of jeans, foundation and hairdresser? This might be a bit lame, but, the answer would be: finding one of those is as hard as finding a soulmate. Who’d agree with my statement? I guess all girls would be.

So again, I went to Sephora since it’s the closest thing to girls heaven I assume, and even though here in Poitiers the store isn’t big enough, but I guess they’re pretty complete on make-up part. Anyway, I spent almost an hour there, trying on all the foundation I could find and I didn’t expect that I would stumble upon this beautiful product – I thought YSL was my last choice – and you wouldn’t believe how pleased I am after trying out this special foundation. Yes, it’s Givenchy’s Eclat Matissime Fond de Teint Fluide (Matte fluid foundation). It is just…..perfect.

So what’s so perfect about this little angel?? This foundation suits my skin so much (I’m on number 05), it stays matte for as long as I can remember and with just one layer, I am confident to say that it’s enough for daily use – without having to layering it again with powder. You don’t need a ton of amount to work with this one, but I feel like one layer has given me a semi-matte look. I know that I have a dry skin at the moment and why would I want to mattify my dry skin? It’s not about not looking greasy or whatever, but this foundation give me natural dry look without having it to look disgusting obviously. The packaging is so cute and small, it has SPF 20++ which is enough probably for people who live in Europe. One more thing, I know that it’s one of the most expensive foundation I’ve ever had (it retails for around 45euros) but it really is worth every single penny. Good investment.

Well, there goes my 2 (or 4…) most favorite beauty products of the month. I would try to do one every month, but can’t promise! xo


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