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Ici, C’est Paris!

Paris has grown on me. Why? I don’t want you to guess that I have this ‘stockholm syndrome’ towards Paris, but I really do love the city, for the worth and the worse.

People who have never been to Paris will most likely have these sentiments:

1. Oh, Paris is the city of love.

2. Paris is calm and beautiful, and the people looks so à la mode.

3. Paris has all it takes to be the number one most visited city in the world with Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs-Elyssées.

etc, etc.

However, some people whom I know have been to Paris or even have been living in Paris, would have these kinds of opinions:

1. Paris smells bad.

2. People drive badly in Paris.

3. The most beautiful part of Paris is probably located around Eiffel (8eme Arr) and Louvre (1er Arr).

Quite the contrary isn’t it?

I’m not trying to make a generalization between the tourists perception and its residence opinion towards the city, but I find it amusing, really. But you know what? As I said before, Paris has grown on me; though it smells bad, the drivers are insane, the not-so-touristic areas are not as pretty, but I guess these are the things that mold Paris into who it is right now. It has this subtle characteristic that other cities just don’t have. Try exploring Paris at night when the pollution is out, and you’ll appreciate it differently.

Well, enough with the story, I’m just going to share to you some pictures I took from my last trip to Paris last week. Enjoy!


Street art at Rue du Saint-Honoré


Louvre before dark


Somewhere in Saint-Germain des Pres


Monstres Modes Exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique


Fountain somewhere in Le Haut Marais (3eme Arrondisement)


A vintage store at Marché Vernaison – Porte de Clignancourte
(Remember!! The market is open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday only! Plus, I found a vintage Céline Scarf for 20euros!)


Last brunch at The Broken Arms


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