The New Face of Kenzo: Tiger Fever


That was my sole impression when I passed by Kenzo Boutique in Paris. They really have changed!

I was never sure if I ever liked Kenzo collection from years before. Or perhaps I just never took a deep look on it. But it has caught my attention when suddenly so many people are wearing the signature lion pullover from Kenzo. What is it with the new collection that has grab so many buzz from all over the world.

Let me refresh you with some ideas on what Kenzo did back in the 1990s.

I guess every designer in the 1990s were very much have this same look with blazer and bold prints all over their collection. But I had to admit, that I nearly stole this from my mom’s drawer because the color was so amazing! Kenzo has always been my mom’s favorite.

But then look at this now, Stylecaster in November 2012 has reported: During the Spring 2013 collections in New York, it seemed like every It-blogger, fashion editor, and model was wearing one, and—making the item all the more tantalizing—the sweaters were not to be found for sale anywhere.

Year 2013 has revealed its madness for Kenzo newest SS13 and FW13 crazy collection. I’m gonna list down the coolest collection and collaboration from Kenzo that I think has become a huge success this past years:

1. Kenzo VS New Era

2. Kenzo Tiger Sweater

3. Kenzo Satchel Bag in Blue

4. Kenzo Flats and Kenzo VS Vans Sneakers

So, what more can I say? J ne parle plus!

This collection has brought the attention back to Kenzo as one of the most brilliant designer, but perhaps it took them too long to realize their potential. What do you think? Will you be the next person to get into the lines of Kenzo sudden fans as well? Because I think I will!



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