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Londres en Vacance

So I went to London last Saturday for three days to have some fun, basically. I went to meet my friends and eat some very very nice food. I can’t remember why the last time I was in London, I felt like I haven’t finished exploring it, to the extent that I feel like I don’t know London at all. I like the city, I must admit that London is very tourist-friendly with its amazing public transportations, accommodations and touristic areas compared to Paris, especially when you have zero knowledge of French language. But mind over matter, I love them both. I enjoyed my 3 nights stay in London, and yet, I can’t wait to be back. But for now, let me share to you some photos I took in London. Pardon my hairstyle because London’s weather hasn’t been very nice to everyone I guess. I remember going to Poitiers Airport before taking a flight to London and it was sunny! And guess what, as soon as I arrived in London….it was snowing. So I really have nothing to say about it.


Hot Pot Pork & Kimchi Stew – remedy for snowy and windy night outside


Who doesn’t love the London Eye and Thames River?


The best Lobster in town~ at Burgers & Lobsters, Dean St, London


With St Paul’s Cathedral on the background


And cheers for a good night and good friends šŸ™‚

Wait for photos from Paris!



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