2012 and Bali

I believe I have not write a post in 2012. Well, I’ve been busy, graduating, going home to Indonesia after 3,5 years staying in Melbourne and believe it or not, I am working now. I used to have plenty of time for myself. Doing nothing around the house, watching dvds or simply just get on skype all day with my long time boyfriend. Since I’m working, I develop this new adaptation to my body clock, my habbits, and what I should and shouldn’t do during weekdays. I get up at around 7.30 each morning, by 9.30, I’m already on my desk busy replying one and each emails on my outlook or attending a meeting and so on and so on, up until around 5.30 and then off driving back home which usually take me around 1,5 hours to reach home. No, my office is not that far, but the traffic is that fucked up.

So I realize I needed a quick getaway with my beloved friends from highschool. We had the chance to attend my friend, Thirza’s wedding in Bali. It was just a short trip to Bali during the weekend, yet I had so much fun, I don’t want to go back to the reality. We went to a beach called Padang-padang beach, it is located somewhere on the way to Uluwatu, and it’s basically hidden in the midst of cliffs, we actually had to go down about 500m long of stairs and voila! we can see the white sands and blue water laying in front of our eyes. It’s truly magnificent, the artwork of God. The beach itself is clean and quiet, only a few foreign tourists laying down and sunbathing. So we quickly rented a big umbrella and spread our Baliness cloth on the sand. It was one of the best 2 hours in my life. You might want to see some pictures:




So I had fun, a lot of fun. On the last day of my quick trip, we spent some time at Potato Head beach club, which is quite overrated, yet very popular among local & foreign tourists.


And now here I am, writing a post on my working desk at Unilever Indonesia head office. Back to work.



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