2012 part deux

Oh hello, I lied when I said I’m going back to work. I have nothing on my schedule today and actually I’m planning to be off from the office earlier than usual. Why? I’ve got a flu and I need some me time. Yes, it means going to a hair salon, getting a creambath (you know where someone put a special fruity hair cream – you can choose the flavor – and massage it on your head for about 45 minutes) and/or manicure and a pedicure. J’adore!

The main reason why I write this post is because I want the world to know that I just got accepted to a master’s degree, specifically a master in International Marketing Communication from Ecole Superieure de Commerce et de Management. The class will be taken place in London for the first semester, then off to Poitiers in France for the second semester. It’s a double-degree by the way. It should be fun, right?? Finally I have the chance to really run for my dream, a dream I made myself. I’ve always wanted to go to France and spend at least 6 months to go around the country. I wish this one will go as I plan. Even though people think that I’m going to study now is just a camouflage of my true motive – to be together with my boyfriend who is currently working in Geneva. Well, that might not happen, lads. He probably has to move back to Jakarta if his contract is being discontinued. I am not hoping for anything, though, if that’s for the better, why not? We made a promise and we know that each of us should do whatever it is we want to do, before we really plan to settle down.

So I think I will be flying to London by mid-august, or late-august perhaps, to prepare everything. I don’t want to go there and still have to find accommodation a week before class starts. No, not me.

I really wish that everything will go smoothly, and that my visa will be granted soon enough so I don’t have to worry. Amen! Pray for me please?




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