On Winning Characteristics

When you are working with a group of people and you have a project to do, the last thing you wanted is to fail. A team with numerous characters and abilities have their advantage in excelling in things that an individual is not able to achieve.

Mind, body and spirit, are the three parts that consist characteristics of a winning team.


The first core quality of winning teams is directional. The team needs to have a winning mind: a clear, positive vision and goal of what we are working towards and what we want to create, and the most important thing is to believe that we can achieve it. Without it, people are less will and capable of investing themselves fully and giving the effort necessary to make it happen. A winning team should sustain a clear and positive focus. The members should communicate the intention in mission statements, goals and role description. Trusting in the vision and the power of leadership is essential. Remember, winning teams focus on, and take pride in, themselves and their teammates to perform well. That’s how winning teams think, that’s who they are.


The second core quality involves the ‘doing’. The winning team consist of a unified focus on personalities, skills and experience. They know what to do, how to do it and they are committed to doing whatever it takes to perform the best of their ability. Commitment is the willingness to do what’s necessary to accomplish one’s goal and objectives. It’s paying the price in effort and self-sacrifice. The winning team pays the price. The basic philosophy is to work hard and smart. Know the job, do the work, do it well and of course, persevere.


The last fundamental quality is spirit. Spirit should incorporates the team’s purpose, commitment, chemistry, and identity. It might begins with a purpose that has heart, one that captures the values of the individual and the team as a whole. It also involves on surrendering our personal ‘I’ for ‘WE’ and working a plan together with passion. Synergy is always needed here. It’s about the energy flow between the people working together to create something more than they could create on their own. Sharing a common vision, belief and trust is inspiring.

This text is written to help members of my team to reflect on what they have been working so far. Do we have the quality of a winning team? Do we work hard enough to achieve it? And the most important thing, do we believe in ourselves that we can actually achieve the things that we want to achieve?



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