Hierarchy of MY Needs.

A bit of a flashback when I was 17, I was studying higher level psychology in high school, and I never felt so sure for taking this class with my beloved teacher Alyson Pluim. For my final Internal Assessment, I had to analyze this magnificent research from Abraham Maslow and his theory for human Hierarchy of Needs. I was greatly in awe with Maslow, in how he changed psychology forever by elevating psychology to a new and far deeper understanding of what is means to be human. Instead of trying to make sense of the insanity of broken minds, he explored the sanity that made people exemplary.

In his pyramid of needs, there are 5 steps in which human in the end will find their outmost self-actualization. It is a state where one has successfully fulfill the other 4 stage of needs, and eventually find their uttermost potential as a human being. However, this is a rare level, as it is important to notice that to reach this level, one should have the sense of purpose and the realization of their potential to be fully functional. I must say, that this takes time. This is an ongoing process, and I rest assured that I’m not even halfway there.

The other 4 needs are also included in the pyramid not to be taken for granted. The most basic needs are surely the bodily or physiological needs, or in other way we can say human needs air, warmth, food, sleep, stimulation, shelter, etc, etc… Looking at this very basic needs I came to realize that until now, I always have it all. I don’t even have to think about it, I just have to take care of it. But have I done my best to keep my basic needs fulfilled? I doubt that.

The second basic needs is security. I bet no one is in favor of living in an dangerous area or living with a life full of threats. As human, and me myself, I have a great need to feel safe from any kinds of harm. This is also including the feeling free from any insecurities within myself. And again, I know I haven’t done my best for this. I always worry about every single thing, I have this great fear of losing people that I love the most, and other fears that I might not want to discuss it here.

The third one is my favorite one. It is the basic needs of love and belongingness. I sometimes think that this is the second most essential of all. Even if I have food in my fridge, I have a big apartment to live in, but if I have no love around me, I’m dead. Love has brought me many splendor things in life. It has given me strength, the reason to stay alive. At this point, I might have to admit that I demand a lot of love from people around me. But I never thought if I give as much love as I demanded?

The last but not least, human has to fulfill their ego, their self-esteem. We need to believe in ourselves and have healthy pride. At this level we need self-respect, and respect from others. But in my opinion, some people might have it just too much, or too little. Me, myself, I have a mountain high pride. But I have it only to drown my insecurities and my ego. Maybe this is wrong, or maybe I’m not wrong at all. Every single thing always depend on how one perceive self-esteem and how it is essential for them.

I have come to a conclusion that I might have fulfilled most of my basic needs. But we never know, life is a roller coaster, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. One day you’re happy, and the next day God can take it all away from you. The thoughts of it might scare me to death and make me sick to my stomach but this is what we should realize. It is a real world out there and we need these needs to survive. We might find it, we might lose it. But all I can say is never stop trying to fulfill it. It will never end, unless you die. But remember, no rush. When it is time for you to finally reach your self-actualization, you’ll eventually know it. ps: it’s not always about spirituality directly, but It’s still important. xo

Be impeccable with your word.
Don’t take anything personally.
Don’t make assumptions.
Always do your best.
– Don Miguel Ruiz


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