I’ve just had the most out of valentine’s day, in the most romantic country in the world, and with the most lovable person in the world. My man and I cooked dinner for two, we opened a bottle of wine and finished the day perfectly. It was so much more than I could have dreamed. I just wished that day stays forever.

And so now I realized that time really flies by so fast. I thought it was just yesterday that I bid goodbye to Jakarta and now I’ve spent 5 weeks in France. And I’ll be flying home in 6 days. It breaks my heart, imagining that I have to leave, leaving my man. I was just getting used to the fact that he is only 3 hours away, not 20 hours away; I could’ve just take the train to Paris and meet him. But in 6 days, it’ll all go away, I have to get used to this long distance relationship again, waiting for the time when I’ll meet him again. I feel numb, the thoughts of it really scares me. I know I have nothing to worry about, it’ll just be like before, nothing has changed. But really, if I could, I would just stay here, lay down on his chest and listening to his heartbeat.

I think I have to stop here before I bore everyone with my never-ending grief. Will proly write more when I’m home.


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