So yeah, I’ll be flying to Paris tomorrow. Time flies by so fast I couldn’t really notice it has been 2 months already since I left Melbourne for Jakarta for the whole summer. It’s been great, I got the chance to meet my family, my one big happy family. I noticed there has been some dramas and tears along the way, however it’s really nice to finally get back to be with all of them. I also got the chance to meet my bestfriends! They’re just the best. I love them so much.

And yeah, tomorrow is a big day for me. I’m going to meet my boyfriend! It’s been almost 5 months since I last saw him physically and I feel really really excited! Many kinds of feelings are all gathering in my mind right now, but all that I wish is that my trip to Paris will be the most memorable trip I’ve ever had. Perhaps, I might go back to Jakarta feeling better after taking a whole 5 weeks of intensive french course and after spending that whole 5 weeks with my boyfriend. I don’t put my expectations too high, but I can’t help to imagine all the nicest things on earth will happen in the most romantic city in the world. Let’s all pray together.

I’ll keep this blog updated as often as possible, and wish me a safe flight tomorrow.


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