Finally, after more than 2 weeks of not writing here, I came into a state where I actually miss writing nonsense on my blog.

The storm has passed, the stream of major assignments have finally let my mind fly for a short break, only until tomorrow, because I have to start studying for the exam. Shit, no?

So I’m back in Melbourne, it is still cold and windy. I wonder who has bravely kidnapped the sunshine from Melbourne citizen? We need it here, just like the ants need the sugar, we need to keep living yknow?

Oh, another thing. I started to research for my postgraduate study. I look up to lots and lots of universities in Paris and nearby, which I ended shortly before I start writing this post, because I feel devastated. The requirements are just soooo sick. Well, it’s normal though but most of my desired studies requires minimum 3 years of working experience. So what should I do??? Even though I saw some of them that is also good, match with what I’m looking for, but still, that’s not what I want. I’m so used to get what I want, but I think I have to reconsider my priorities now.

Well, I think that’s enough for now.. I’m not in the mood for writing.


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