I remember, when I was a little kid, I used to do a lot of weird things, I should say.

Here’s some things that I remember:

1. I used to eat a lot, by that I mean a huge amount, of carrots. I can’t eat without carrots. I even ate it raw. You know, like a rabbit.
2. I never drank milk from the bottle. My mom had to force me to drink it using a spoon. As soon as she finished forcing me to drink milk, I puked.
3. I bit my lower lip when I’m sleepy. It’s like an indicator. And my brothers hate it, because I was always the one to end a good night out.
4. I could never eat without watching Doraemon. My parents videotaped the show every Sunday and played it over and over again, three times a day during the week just to keep my mouth open.
5. I was so close to my babysitter. My mom used to work during the day and finally she realized that I was actually closer to my nanny and would rather play with her than spending time with my mom. She kicked her out.
6. After that, I became too close to my mother and I can not go to school without making sure that she would wait for me in the principal’s office through the day.
7. I used to have a very pretty dog named Putut, it was my first dog. I always tell her all my stories and how was my day. I cried so much when she died because of one irresponsible stupid bastard ran her over with his truck.
8. I used to memorize the prayer my mom taught me before I go to bed. I said the same prayer for over 6 years.
9. I could not go to sleep without being lullabied by my dad and he had to let my door open a lil bit so I know that he’s still there watching TV while I was trying to sleep.
10. I always forced my male cousins to play barbie with me. And it was soooooo funny watching them fighting over my one and only Barbie Ken.

That’s all that I could think about rite now. I’ll come up with something more useful and heavier next time.



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