Mon Cœur Qui Bat

Lately I found myself smiling uncontrollably. Why? There are too many reasons to write here. In example, it seems like there are thousands of butterflies, keep on fluttering inside my stomach, and they don’t seem like they’ll come out soon. And it makes me smile. I was walking down the street, looking at two birds flying together directionless, but at least they’re together. And it makes me smile. I think I’m going crazy.

Or maybe this is what they called love. A feeling that has disappeared from me for a quite long period of time but it finally find its way back to me. I’ve been told that I need to keep on waiting and slowly find someone who’ll actually make me happy and whatnot, on the bottom line, find myself someone perfect for me or suitable for me or deserves me. But I’m thinking, it’s not something that I’m looking for.

Now I finally find myself someone who might be far from perfect, but he seems to be able to make me feel like a perfect woman, he loves me without being told, and he makes me smile. I realize now that perfection doesn’t matter for me. But knowing how to love someone who’s so far from perfect perfectly, that’s what matters the most.

This particular man deserves the best out of me. And I’m trying, really.

Je crois, nous allons vieillir ensemble.
Je prie a Dieu que tu es vraiment celui pour moi.
Mais maintenant, je souris et je suis contente.


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