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Jonsi’s Concert

I was supposed to put on the song ‘Don’t Leave the Light On, Baby’ but this one’s okay too 🙂

Today was started by a ‘surprise’ from my boyfriend, and I felt so cranky ever since. But it’s all gone after I saw his face over skype, he smiled, and it made me smile too. He said, ‘Smiling is contagious.’ It’s true though, so I smiled and all the troubles are long gone.

I went out and met my nicest friend, Natassha, and we went to watch Jonsi live in concert. We waited for like almost 1.5 hours and started to feel dizzy and thirsty if you guys know what I mean. Finally, the infamous Sigur Ros’ frontman came out of the curtain and start the concert with the song ‘Stars in Still Water’. It was BEAUTIFUL. The songs, the band, the lighting, the background visuals, the crowd, everything was oh so peaceful and wonderful. I thought the concert will be a boring, non-english speaking songs with mumbling crowd, but it’s just so far from my imagination. No regret! It was funny when my boyfriend told me to have fun and I had so much fun tonight. Even though he’s out there singing along with Belle & Sebastian, I don’t mind, he should have some fun too, after this particular shocking moment he had earlier today.

So now I’m here, alone in my apartment (obviously) and making plans and arrangements necessary to move in to my new apartment. It’s going to be very tiring and exciting days, I suppose. But thinking of moving out from my current apartment makes me sad, it’s been 1.5 years and I feel so much comfortable already. I hate moving out, but I have to. I hope the new apartment won’t disappoint me, I’m counting on it, and hopefully many many good things will happen after I move into it. A girl can dream, no?

I’m out of words here. When will I stop being such a sleepyhead all the time? Only God knows why.


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