Hai. If you guys never wonder what BARADASORY means, I think from now on, you should. That word is very very strange and uncommon, but it is actually taken from my father’s middle name. I am so in love with the name, but I never actually understand what it means. So I took my chance and asked my dad. He gave this pretty absurd explanation but here it is: the word Barada, came from one of Indonesian traditional hero, Empu Barada. He was the one who ended the war between two cities in Java, Kota Jenggala and Kota Kediri. He was the middleman who insisted them to end the war. He’s a peacemaker, basically. And the word Sori/Sory, came from Pinangsori, the place of origin of my great-grandparents. So if we try to put it together, Baradasory means the peacemaker from Pinangsory. My father’s full name is Rudy Baradasory Hamonangan Lumban Tobing. Hamonangan is a Batak word, means the winner. I think my father’s personality reflects so much from his name. And that is why I put my respect for him by using his name on my blog and let the whole world know how cool is my dad.

That’s pretty rad, right? It runs in the family. Cheers!


One thought on “BARADASORY

  1. Awesome post because every time I visit your blog I’ve always always wondered what is ‘Baradasory’. Selalu lupa tanya. I would never have guessed that it was a part of your father’s name. Keren banget…!

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