1. I love trying to write backwards.
2. I like talking to myself.
3. After I go out from the shower, I usually spend 5-15 minutes in front of the mirror dancing.
4. Sometimes I think I’m a lesbian. Or a bisexual. But it give me goosebumps thinking about it.
5. I played as Christine Dae from ‘Phantom of the Opera’ when my boobies haven’t grown into its maximum size.
6. I like driving directionless alone.
7. When I’m high, I feel like every part of my body is separated and I just can’t feel it.
8. I have no idea what Fashionable is.
9. The only skill that I’m afraid is getting worse is my stalking skill.
10. Once I had a dog named ‘Putut’
11. The most random bar I’ve ever been to was a backpacker’s bar.
12. I can’t sleep before I read today’s FMLs.
13. My dream job is to be a PR professional in a well-established oil company.
14. I always cried while watching any family-themed films.
15. I can not describe myself in one single word.
16. I miss the times when my brothers walked into my room and fart.
17. The only thing in my mind when someone shout JAKARTA is Nasi Padang
18. I was a KUMON student until junior high school but I hate mathematics.
19. I learned French just so I could say those pretty words when I have a boyfriend someday.
20. I look so much like my father and my mom always gets mad because of it.
21. Guys in uniform and/or wears a jeans that fits perfectly to his butt basically turns me on. (excluding satpam)
22. I got sick when I eat food that are just too spicy.
23. My head size is actually too big for my body. It is not proportional.
24. I hate guys with facial hair but I fell in love with most of them.
25. I love singing along to SoKo’s song ‘Ex-Boyfriends’
26, 27, 28, 29, 30. I’m always sleepy.



  1. “9. The only skill that I’m afraid is getting worse is my stalking skill.”

    thumbs up! btw im currently still talking ‘u know who’ eventhough i dont need to anymore :s

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