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Oh wow, I never thought that I would actually write this when I was in Highschool. BUT I WANT TO GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL.

They said, high school was the best moment in life. At first, I didn’t believe it, but now I know, that it’s true. Even though my life back there was not much different than my life in uni now, well maybe now I no longer live with my parents et cetera, but I know that there something’s missing here. I was looking through the photos that were taken back in high school, we were tired, we were busy, we were stressed because of International Baccalaureate and shits, (oh, now I could spell Baccalaureate, too!) but there’s a distinct differences in our smile. We were HAPPY. We don’t care about money, we don’t care about being alone because me, myself always surrounded by great people, the best friends in high school. They were there when I was down, they were there feeling the same shit about school. They were there when I tried to discover the brand new life of being a soon-to-be adult life. We were experiencing the new things that we could never imagined before.

So why my life now can’t be what it used to be? Why adult life is basically just harder than it seems. I thought it would be so much fun to live on my own, taking care of the my own needs, but it is actually no easier than a Standard Level Mathematics Paper 2 Exam. That’s life though. There’s no point of dreaming of wanting to go back to 3 years ago because it was all just a past. No, it’s not just a past, it was the best part of my past. Having lunch in a rather huge canteen of SPH, walking slowly from class to class in the corridor even though it’s only 5 minutes break, chatting continuously whenever wherever, constantly go online on skype because the messenger was blocked from SPH’s portal, walking down the gate of school to meet friends in our own smoking room, took off from school even though it was only lunch time by faking a letter from parents saying that we have things to be done outside of school but we actually went to the cinema in Bellanova or having a great lunch at CiTos, or walking directionless around Bogor, and so on and so forth.

There are too many to be written here, but they were the best, a blast from the past. Shall we never forget each other and keep on dreaming as high as we could be, to prove those teachers in SPH that we’re not just a clumsy and rebellious generation who could only spend money for a rather expensive International School to be popular. We are who we are, and I hope that all my friends from high school is actually feeling what I feel when I write this post.

Encora Imparo!


2 thoughts on “LYCHÉE

  1. Sayang aku jg kangen SPH. We were perfectly happy. you shari xaxa nadia gina vella maureen aly were always there. I miss being careless and clumsy and rebellious and bussy at the same time :p

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