Have you ever been stuck in a situation that insisted you to make a decision?

Of course everyone have been there, done that. Me too, over and over again.

It sucks when you realize that the decision you have to make is a real pain in the ass, it sucks to know that in order to create a decision, you have to maximize your ability to be very sensitive and considerate to both sides. When it comes to decide whether which path that you’re going to take, what considerations will you think about? Values? Sensibility? Flexibility? If you say that value is the most important, what kind of value? How would you define the value itself? Base on the way we treat life itself? One thing, how can we say that life is worthwhile without have to reconsider the value itself?

The left path is for sorrow and the right part is for joy. I can’t decide which path I’m going to take. If I take sorrow, then I’ll lose all my capabilities to be happy again, but in the other side, this path will make other people happy. And it works for joy too. If I take it, I’ll be very very happy, but guess what, vice versa, people will be very very angry and they might leave me alone.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But I don’t wanna lose you. It’ll be my lost if I ever let you go. Can I save this decision until I’m ready to take it? The longer I keep it, more the pain I would feel. I cried so much I had to leave and give it a break.

But I just want to stay right here, until never dawn.


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