Bridget St. John

You can say that I’m a freak. I love rad girls. Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Yoko Ono, and now let me introduce you, me newfound lover, Bridget St. John.

I found this on the Internet, an interview with Bridget St. John and I love her even more.

It’s interesting what you say about marketing and your image. During your years with the Dandelion label, do you think your image with the nice dresses and long hair was an honest representation of you?

BSJ: Oh absolutely! I was wearing long skirts when I was in university and people would stare at me, but I felt comfortable in them. Somebody said I was a beatnik. I thought, what’s that? I just felt comfortable in those clothes. I got this old velvet skirt from some thrift store. I just bought things I liked to wear. It wasn’t a cultivated image or anything.

One thing that someone said last night was, it’s obvious you’ve really looked after yourself in the intervening years since that time. I was curious to know whether, when everyone else was indulging in that hedonistic lifestyle, you were ever drawn into all that?

BSJ: I’ve had drinks and I’ve been drunk, but I can’t do that on any kind of sustained basis, so I don’t enjoy it. So while I tried things and used things, it was never a regular thing. I get high off people and ideas and things. I don’t mean to sound pure, but I know what my limits are and I don’t go beyond them. I don’t do myself much damage.

I’m in love…


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