To: Santa Claus, North Pole

Dear Santa,

Thank you for granting my wish last year, it’s completely awesome. Well anyway, I think I have been a very nice girl this year, and here comes the time when I want to wish something different for this year. Umm.. Santa, I’d like to have a guardian angel for my own, I gave mine last year to someone I loved so I want another one. And this angel should be particularly different, he should be funny so I won’t have to experience sadness anymore, and he should be loving and caring because you know how it feels to be loved, right? Oh, and he should always be with me so I won’t feel lonely anymore. I hope my future guardian angel will love me all the way through and don’t take him again before the next Christmas, I hate it when the ones I love left me before Christmas (it’s a nightmare, Santa, believe me.) Don’t let me down this year. I promise I’ll be a very very good girl you can ever imagined before. I think that’s all. Please make my wish come true and I’ll be loving you until the rest of my life. Merry Christmas, Santa!

Adista – Melbourne 🙂


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