One definition of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ is: if a person thinks we are clever or stupid or whatever, they will treat us that way. If we are treated as if we are clever, stupid or whatever, we will act, and even become, this way.

Well sometimes, either we feel conscious or not, we’re kind of trapped in this psychological term that would definitely turn the world before us around. The expectation we’re getting from various people made me think that is it true that we’re actually act like what people wants us to act? This is my life, my personality, how on earth I could be what people think I am? For example, the mom of my ex-boyfriend thinks I am a slut, so there I was, being a slut for her son. My dad thinks I am a procrastinator and a drug user, here I am, a full-time day-dreamer, but well, I’m not a drug user. My seniors and my juniors thinks I am a cold-blooded bitch, and here I am, feeling numb, literally, there’s a funny feeling my environment makes me feel inside.

So yeah, I became what they want me to become. Shit isn’t it? So I try to be who I truly am. But who am I? Me, myself feel this doubts of answering this question. I am a girl, currently studying communication, one hell of a proud Indonesian, a singer who barely can sing anymore, a procrastinator, a heavy-sleeper, an active smoker, a crazy shopper, a stalking mistress, a psychotic lover, a desperate student, sometimes a cheerful person, can laugh so hard until I forget to breath. I don’t know, I don’t even know who I am.

Does somebody wants to help me figure out who I am?


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