Top 5 Things about Me?

There’s another list. Not important. Just fuckin’ bored. Let it be.

Top 5 things I love the most of Jakarta:
1. Get the chance to drive! Even though it’s like traffice everywhere but I don’t mind. I love my car.
2. Being sober is sometimes wrong. So just make it an even and get drunk. Almost every single night.
3. The food. Period. All of it. Who doesn’t?
4. Late-night phone calls from Mr. Potato. Well sometimes from my besties too. Where are they???
5. Sun sun sun. I miss the sun. Don’t get me wrong. I hate the pollution, I just miss a day with warm sun.

Top 5 things I want to do before I die:
1. Watching the opera for one whole week.
2. Take a two weeks trip to maldives or ibiza with my lover.
3. Tie the knot. Should be located somewhere around the beach too. A cliff would be a nice idea.
4. Visit these countries: South Africa, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Cuba, Brazil, Turkey, Nepal, Solomon Islands, Spain, Japan.
5. Buy a nice house, with big screen tv, a nice car, and a very nice bed to make love. oops.

Top 5 things I hate about a person:
1. If he/she is exaggerating everything.
2. Them who spill their most unnecessary stories to everyone and think it’s the best story of all-time. Overrated.
3. Them who talk without thinking. Go away. Which school are you go to seriously?
4. Those who don’t appreciate ‘How I Met Your Mother’ tv series.
5. He/she who pretends that they like me, but they never do. Back off.

The list continues…


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